Shallow Water Anchors: What Kind of Boats Use Them?

There are all types of shallow water boaters…

You have the boaters who couldn’t live without their jon boat which perfectly suits them for fishing, hunting and a whole bunch of other shallow water pastimes. 

Then you have the flats boaters – a savvy group of fisherman who like the fact that their boat grips the water like a pro in high speed turns and offers a flat build that reduces rolling when trolling and decreases drifting in choppier seas. 

Bass boaters swear by their boat’s low sides and wide beam that create optimal stability and provide unrestricted casting; as well as the luxury of live-wells and the versatility of choosing a trolling motor for quiet cruising or an outboard to reach their favorite fishing grounds faster. 

Don’t forget the bay boaters who love the range their higher capacity fuel tank and horsepower get them, along with the sound, strong, lightweight structure of their boat. 

If any of the above best describes you, a shallow water anchor – especially a Stayput Shallow Water Anchor – is ideal for keeping your boat secure. Engineered by fisherman with a boatload of shallow water anchoring know-how, Stayput Shallow Water Anchors are exceptional for securing jon boats, flats boats, bass boats or bay boats up to 24 feet.  Plus, Stayput Shallow Water Anchors are convenient to stow, easy to install and affordable – a terrific trifecta for any shallow water boater!

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