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Do you offer FREE Shipping?

We do not offer free shipping. Due to the large and uniquely sized nature of our products, shipping costs can be higher. This ensures your order arrives safely and in perfect condition. We strive to keep our product costs low and affordable to help offset these shipping expenses.

What are StayPut pole spikes made of?

Our poles are made of 3/4" thick, solid, resin-injected fiberglass, the tip is tapered to a point for easy bottom penetration.

How do I know if StayPut pole spikes are compatible with my boat?

For boats up to 21 feet or 3500 lbs, we suggest using any of our poles. For boats up to 24 feet, we recommend the shorter 6’-8’ poles. Shorter poles offer increased stiffness and tensile strength. They also enhance performance in shallower waters. To illustrate, consider a new full pencil: it's easier to break when full-length compared to a stub, which is harder to break.

What size pole spike should I purchase?

That is going to depend on a couple of things, the size of your boat, and what depth of water you will be anchoring in. You will also want to consider the distance from your mount to the water level. Some boats the bow mount will be mounted higher above the water line. Calculate the distance from your mounting point down to the water line and add a foot for sea floor penetration. This will be the depth of water you will aim to use this system. For an easier rule of thumb, take 2’ off each pole size, that will be close to the depth of water you can use that size anchor in. For example, 8’ Poles are generally good in 6’ of water.

Which pole mount will work best for my boat?

This is a loaded question that has many variables. If you are not confident in which mount to select, please reach out to us. Please send photos of your desired mounting location to and our team will be able to look at them and make a recommendation.

How easy are StayPut pole mounts to install?

Our moto is to make things simple, and hassle free. We do understand not everyone knows their way around a tool box and a boat sometimes. Don’t fret, we have you covered. With simple tools and an install process we will make you feel like a pro when you're done. Check out our install instructions and you will be impressed how easy they are to install. Grab a beer and a buddy and you will be done before you know it.

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Stayput Stern Mount diagram

Stern Mount Placement

Easily install to any boat in 10 minutes or less
Available for port (left) or starboard (right)
White or Black powder coated and marine grade aluminum
In 1903, while cleaning his motorcycle engine, law student Cameron Waterman had the idea for the outboard motor. Due to its lightweight nature, he realized he could add a propeller, a petrol tank, and tilt. After sketching and receiving encouragement from his law firm colleagues, he created a prototype. Fast forward to February 1905, and he’s testing it on a rowboat in an icy river, with only a minor hiccup when some ice got caught in the chain. Voila, the outboard motor was born, changing boating forever!