used for skiffs, flats, bass, bay, john, pontoon and any boat under 21 feet

Developed by expert anglers and avid boaters, Stayput Anchor provides a faster, quieter and more economical way to reel that prize fish that every outdoorsmen dreams of. Why spend $1000s just to anchor your boat?

Whether you are fishing the skinny waters of the Florida inter-coastal, or that secret fishing hole on the quiet corner of the lake, Stayput’s design is complementary to any flat, bass, bay or jon boat under 24 ft. in length.

With many sleek designed anchor pole mounting brackets and simple installation, don’t fish another day without a Stayput Shallow Water Anchor™. If for some reason one of our products cant work on your boat, please call us, we are experts at customizing or coming up with a solution so you can too anchor in the shallows.

Everyone of one our products can be bought right here on our website and shipped right to your door.

As being one of the pioneers in the shallow water anchoring market, we thank each and everyone of our customers, staff and supporters for StayingPut with us for 10 YEARS now!!! Such a long journey it has been, but if you have a great product that you truely stand behind and have built with your own hands, then the journey is worth it. Thank you so much for being a highly valued customer.
Anchors Aweigh!

Stayput Anchor is an incredible and affordable bass boat anchor system!

Our products

Motor Mounts

Lock the back of the boat in place with our new universal motor mount. Fits any motor under 200hp. The universal bolt pattern, sleek design and the all around hard work and thought gone into this mount makes it second to none. If you don’t want to drill into your boat, then this mount is for you. Installs as fast as you can take the nuts off your existing motor bolts, slide the bracket on and put the washer and nuts on top of everything.

Bow Mounts

Bow Mount – (White or Black) Powder Coated. A marine grade aluminum mount that attaches to any deck. The mount provides a shaft to hold a Stayput Anchor Spike in the upright position. Install this mount on the forward deck and hang the shaft over the side and against the gunnel. Great addition even if you have a powered anchor on the back. Keeps the bow from swinging around. This is also a great mount for pontoon boats. With easy install and all the mounting hardware provided by us, this is a no brainer when coming to shallow water anchoring.

Stern Mounts

This bolt on mount gets secured onto any 15 degree transom. Perfect if you have a poling platform or obstacles like trim tabs in the way. This will allow you to install this mount where ever you need to on the transom. Click on more info to learn more about this best seller.

Pole Spikes

Each pole is a 3/4″ thick, solid, resin injected fiberglass.
The “TIP”: The fiberglass is taperd to a point.
Stainless steel tips are not recommended. After years of use, the sand and mud on the bottom keeps the pole from “fraying” . Still safe to use on oyster beds, we tried it. After 10 years, we have seen our customers (that keep good care of their pole) still have an amazing tip.

Super handle

The Super Handle is an amazing addition to the Stayput Anchor lineup. With a few different tools added to the handle it is worth every penny to have this on your boat. From the pure comfort while using the anchor, to the hook being able to snag anything out of the water. This is the only way to go when it comes to your anchor handle. 

What Buyers Say About Us

At Stayput Anchors, the original shallow water anchor, we strive for quality through premium craftsmanship and we utilize our knowledge and personal experience as boaters and fishermen to provide the best shallow water anchor possible. Take your time exploring our site, learn more about what sets us a part and feel free to reach out with any questions.