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Here at Stayput Anchor, it only takes a few people to make our awesome shallow water anchors. This process helps our quality to stay very high. We realize though that things happen. And in the boating world, its not fun at all, and almost gut wrenching when something fails. We back all of our products. We offer a limited lifetime warranty on our mounts and a (1) year warranty on our poles.

The poles are the hardest to guarantee because they do have their limits. And like most things, limits get tested. But we understand that mistakes happen and that is why we are here to cover you. If you have made your original purchase through our website, then your product is already registered.

We warrant Stayput Anchors against defects in materials or workmanship for the lifetime of the product. Stayput Anchor handles every repair of warranty claim directly.

Stayput Anchor will repair or replace, at our discretion, any product determined by Stayput Anchor to be a manufacturer’s defect. Since eventual wear and tear can be expected, reasonable repair charges will be levied if repairs are necessary as a result of normal wear, accidental damage, misuse or any other problems determined not to be defects. A small processing fee with be charged for each warranty claim processed.

Common Warranty Voids

Compiled is a list of situations that could get the warranty claim rejected. We want this information shared so if you do have a problem, one of these reasons are not reason. These are also tips so you get the best life out of the pole that you can.  

  1. Putting the motor in gear while anchor is in the down position. 
  2. Anchoring in heavy wave or boat traffic conditions.
  3. Using the anchor to anchor a boat outside of its recommended maximum length. 8′ Poles- Hold boats up to 24′, 10′ Poles- Holds boats up to 21′, 12′ Poles- Holds boats up to 21′. The longer the pole the more it bends. The longer the boat the heavier the boat, a shorter pole has more strength and less flexibility so it holds a larger boat better. 
  4. Leaving the pole stored outside in the elements, UV rays can break down fiberglass even if it has a UV ray inhibitor on it. Always store your pole, when not in use, in a shaded area. 
  5. Using the pole in winds exceeding 15 mph.

For assistance please call our office (386) 682-5858.

Submit A Warranty Claim

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