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We all love to show off our stuff when it’s good stuff, right? We did it back in high school when our girlfriend showed up to our football game and we kicked it in gear to score that winning touchdown. We do it now when we rev our engines just a little louder if we drive a really cool Harley or a classic car that’s just plain cherry. Heck, we even do it with food…like when you grill a magnificent steak and that mouthwatering masterpiece is plastered up on Facebook before you can even belly up to the table!

Want to strut your stuff? If you have a sweet Stayput Shallow Water Anchor Motor Mount set-up, we want to see that stuff! So go ahead and take a great shot of your Stayput Shallow Water Anchor Motor Mount set up, post it and tag us at Stayput. We’d want to post that bad boy on our social media too! Tags are @stayput_anchor or stayputanchor. 

Whether you use your Stayput Shallow Water Anchor Motor Mount to securely lock everything in place at the back of your boat; you prefer a bow mount to keep all that stuff toward the front of your boat; or your Stayput Shallow Motor Mount is a stern mount so that you could install it anywhere you needed to the transom…it’s all good. 

Tag, you’re it!