Why You Need a StayPut Super Handle

There’s no cape involved, but I’m telling you, the Super Handle will make you feel like you have a super hero on your side! 

The Super Handle from Stayput Anchors is a game changer for shallow water boaters. The unique shape of the Super Handle enables boaters to easily push off the bottom, making fast, virtually sound-free adjustments to your boat; and its durability, quality and craftsmanship are all…well, super. 

Then there is the whole easy tie off thing. The Super Handle’s eye in the middle is the perfect size for tying off trouble-free, which is certainly helpful in the wind or when you’re dealing with a hard running tide, but it also makes all those uncomplicated times even more pleasurable and convenient too! 

The Super Handle was uniquely designed with a boathook on the side. Additionally, that boathook is simple to remove so that you can quickly add any of the other Super Handle accessories that are in the works, including gigs, gaffs and camera holders.

Super Handles are versatile too. Choose either a 10-foot or 12-foot, white or black pole spike made from solid, injected resin fiberglass for your Super Handle.

Just give us a call at 386-682-5558 to order your Stayput Super Handle or for more information. Whatever your shallow water boating anchor needs, we’re surely able to handle them!

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