What Is the Best Time to Fish?

I know, I know, it’s always the best time to fish; but seriously, there are better times than others to wrangle some of those scaly swimmers!

First things first. Fish are cold-blooded, so we always have to take temperature into consideration when we’re fishing. A bunch of back to back hot days can make fish sluggish. Conversely, the same thing happens when winter weather lowers temperatures. A more happy medium scenario will definitely yield more fish.

Bright sunlight can also be problematic when you’re fishing. When the sun heats water surface temperature, fish tend to dive toward deeper water. It also happens to be easier to make bait look more appealing on overcast days, when your hook won’t look so shiny and bright. This also means that early morning and evening are preferable to midday.

When you’re fishing, even the breeze can come into play. Aside from the fact that it can keep moving your boat, thereby decreasing your chances to stay on fish (Unless you’re using a Stayput Shallow Water Anchor, of course.); wind can push their food toward the banks and recent storms can make the water too murky for them to locate your bait.

And while most people may be chanting, “Rain, rain, go away,” fishing is actually the one time where you may actually wish for rain. A light rain will wash insects into the water, turning your fishing spot into a delicious fish food buffet!

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