Types of Anchors for Sale at Stayput Anchors

Get a Stayput Shallow Water Anchor and you will get an anchor built to withstand heavy torque caused by wind and current. All Stayput Anchor mounts are made by the technicians at Stayput Anchors with marine grade aluminum. There’s no breakable plastic here, and easy installs, as well as mounting hardware are provided by Stayput Shallow Water Anchors.

Hold fast from the bow by staking out your boat with a simple Stayput Deck Anchor mounting system. Simply install this mount on the forward deck and hang the shaft over the side against the gunnel. Ideal for pontoons, this Stayput Anchor will keep your bow from swinging around. It comes in 8 to 12 feet and in black or white.

Anchor from the stern on any 15 degree transom with a Stayput Anchor Stern Mount. Lock the back of your boat in place with a classic stern mount or extended stern mount by Stayput Anchors. There is no ball and shaft method required, and it installs in just 10 minutes. The insert runs through the shaft, protecting the pole and keeping it silent. These also come in 8-12 feet and in black or white.

Or get a ¾ inch thick, solid resin injected fiberglass pole spike. These come in 6-12 foot options for boats from kayaks and skiffs up to 24 footers. These Stayput Anchor Pole Spikes have a fiberglass tip tapered to a point which will last for years of use on sand or mud without fraying. It’s even safe on oyster beds! Choose from two handle options: our rubber grip or the new Stayput Super Handle that can convert your pole from an 8 foot pole to a 12 foot pole if your depth changes.

Stay still. Stay quiet. Stayput.