The Super Handle from Stayput Anchors

Its installation is faster than a speeding boat; its versatility packs a punch more powerful than a torpedo; and its durability, quality and craftsmanship will make you want to leap tall freighters in a single bound. We’re talking about the Stayput Anchor Super Handle – Stayput Anchors’ newest addition to an already amazing anchor system!

The anchor engineers at Stayput Shallow Water Anchors are eager to announce that they have constructed The Super Handle to serve several purposes, and the results are super! The Super Handle is a game-changer for shallow water boaters.

Ok, so let’s give you a for-instance. What if you need an eight-foot pole one day and the next day you need a twelve-foot pole to accommodate some deeper water? No problem. The Super Handle can handle it!

Plus, The Super Handle from Stayput Anchors does so much more! Its unique shape enables you to easily push off the bottom, making fast, virtually sound-free adjustments to your boat. The eye in the middle is the perfect size for an easy tie-off. It was uniquely designed with a boathook on the side. Additionally, it is removable so that you can quickly add other accessories.

Just give us a call at 386-682-5558 for more information and to see what amazing accessories Stayput Anchors already has in the works for The Super Handle. Don’t forget that our prices are great!