Super Handles

Push Poling

It will allow you to push off the bottom. With an overall "Y" shape, it is great for quick adjustments of your boat.


We put a nice size eye in the middle, so you can tie off to it.

Boat Hook

There is a hook of our own design integrated on the side of the handle.


The handle is able to be removed to quickly add other accessories.


We are proud to introduce the next game changer to the shallow water anchor market. Here at Stayput Anchor, we took the anchor pole back to the drawing board. The result was super. We put together a handle design that serves different purposes.

The idea was to create something that was interchangeable. One day you might want an 8ft pole, the next day you might be in deeper water and want a 12ft pole. This system will allow that change.


The bolt pattern and size on the super handle is 3/8″-24

The handle design will allow some primary important changes.

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