Stayput Anchors: The Preferred Choice for Eco-Friendly Boating

As a stalwart steward of our waters, subsequently deeply dedicated to protecting the livelihood of local watermen, promoting thriving tourism and preserving the future of one of the most diverse and potentially prolific aquatic ecosystems in the world for mariners now and for generations to come, the Stayput Anchor organization and all of the Stayput Anchoring products are the eco-friendly choice for boaters.

Born of that same philosophy of preserving our valuable resources, the Stayput Anchors are an environmentally friendly way to sure up your boat. The Stayput Anchoring system and all of its accessories were engineered by avid boaters who truly care about our waters and the people who boat on them. Unlike heavy, cumbersome, more traditional style anchors which can disrupt marine life and its natural habitat as they drag along in an effort to finally come to a stop and stick tight, Stayput Anchors are a proven approach to quickly and efficiently anchor boats and keep boats secure and the ocean floor and riverbeds free of damage.

Additionally, it is our pledge to all you boaters out there that Stayput Anchors will continue to support forward thinking organizations like Captains for Clean Water and to develop anchoring products that not only consistently benefit boaters, but also help foster sustainable maturity and responsibility.

If you would like more information about Stayput Anchors or the Stayput Anchor products, please feel free to direct your questions to or call 386-682-5558. 


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