Stayput Anchors Are Adjustable

It’s important to be flexible in this world. It’s not as much what happens to you, as how you handle what happens. It’s all the same when it comes to anchors too. You need an anchor you can count on in different types of conditions and one that can be flexible when conditions change. You need a Stayput Anchor! Stayput Shallow Water Anchors are adjustable so that you can “Stayput” in the depth you prefer – no matter what the conditions.

This unique anchor was invented to combat the frustration of running a noisy trolling motor just to stay on top of fish (which we all know tend to swim anyway after all that anyway) or staking and re-staking a push pole that just drifts all over the place.

Tired of spooking fish? The sleekly designed Stayput anchor pole system was designed by fisherman for fisherman so that you will have exactly what you need to “Stayput” and catch more fish. It’s been tested and proven to keep boats straight and still from the Keys to Mosquito Lagoon.

The Stayput Shallow Water Anchor is perfect for bass boats, flats boats and skiffs, and talk about flexibility. Choose from six-foot poles for kayaks and skiffs or eight-foot poles for boats up to 24 feet. If your fishing needs vary, you can even go the adjustable route with a two-foot or four foot extension that simply connects with a stainless coupling – just like on a pool que.

So go ahead and eliminate all your anchoring hassle. Then just “Stayput” and catch fish!