StayPut Anchor Pole Spikes

In order to stay put on your favorite fishing hole to reel in those fish, stay put when you want to stop your boat to enjoy the scenery and/or a nice picnic lunch or when you simply want to stay put on your boat anywhere; Stayput Shallow Water Pole Spikes are an excellent way to secure any pontoon, john, bass, bay or flats boat under 21 feet.

Stayput Anchors are designed for avid boaters BY avid boaters, made from quality materials and crafted for the ultimate effectiveness, durability and convenience. Each Stayput Pole Spike is made from ¾ inch, solid, resin-injected fiberglass and its tapered point is engineered from fiberglass as opposed to stainless steel to protect it from the fraying that bottom sand and mud can cause.

Stayput Pole Spikes are lightweight for optimal maneuverability, quiet to use, easy to stow and they also come with two handle options: a rubber handle to ensure a good grip and the Stayput Super Handle, which is also a multi-functional tool you can use for push poling, to tie off, as a boat hook and more!

Stayput Pole Spikes come in several sizes as well, including a solid, six-foot option which is ideal for kayaks and skiffs. Stayput also offers a solid, eight-foot pole spike, which is the most popular model and can accommodate vessels up to 24 feet. Additionally, Stayput offers two- and four-foot extension poles with stainless steel coupling. These both connect to either eight- or ten-foot Stayput Pole Spikes, just like a pool cue would, to result in either ten- or twelve-foot pole spikes.


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