Spiny Lobster Mini 2-Day Season

The sport season (aka mini lobster season) is by far known as a crazy two day scramble to get some delicious spiny lobster. Its only a few days away, so if you are heading down to the keys for the two day haul, and aren’t a seasoned lobster veteran, here are a few things you need to know.

Dates: July 26-27, 2017

1) Get down there early. Definitely a few days before the season begins. Gives you a chance to get settled in, boat in the water, and some scouting.

2) Be respectful of the locals. All though this a minor economical boost. Imagine 1000’s of people crashing your small town for two days.

3) Check the regulations on Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Read these thoroughly. Will save you a TON of trouble.

4) Lobster like to hide, look under rocks and around coral.

5) Make sure you have a Lobster permit added to your fishing license.

6) Gear you’ll need. Tickle stick, net, glove, mask, snorkel, diving fins, or scuba gear if you want the most efficiency, but not required. Bring a Hawaiian sling or spear gun with you just in case you see some hog fish or better yet LION FISH. No limits on lion fish.

7) Last but not least. Bring your Stayput Shallow Water Anchor with you to stop at those shallow spots for a quick rest. Good luck and enjoy.