Shallow Water Marine Life in Florida

Although saltwater and freshwater may yield more dissimilar species, marine life can vary greatly in different locations and depths too. Take the ocean shallows for instance. The creatures that live inshore, in the shallow waters which receive sunlight are a delightfully diverse and colorful bunch.

Crabs, starfish and snails love the shallow waters with sandy and muddy bottoms and shallow corals prefer clear, warm, moving water. You’ll also find sea sponges, sea fans and mollusks common in this shallow part of the sea.

The shallow ocean waters are also the perfect habitat for the graceful anemone, which come in lovely pink, lavender, yellow and chartreuse. 

Shallow water reefs are often home to pretty reef fish including wide eyed squirrelfish, lionfish, parrotfish, striped sheepshead and angelfish. Grouper and barracuda may be found there too.

Sharks, often of the lemon and nurse variety, find the reefs a nice place to obtain a tasty meal. Eels, sea turtles, seahorses, shrimp and lobster are commonly found in the shallow waters of the ocean as well.

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