Shallow Water Anchors Are Perfect for Small Boats

Breezy conditions and strong currents or tidal pulls can make fishing challenging for even the most seasoned pro. However, a good shallow water anchor can keep all those conditions at bay and make all the difference.

There’s nothing worse than spinning around in the wind, drifting off your favorite fishing hole or having to constantly start your engine and scare all the fish just to reposition your boat. Whether you are jigging your rig on the surface of the water or casting into cover to work that big fish, you need to make sure your boat is secure.

  • A good shallow water anchor will be fast and easy to secure and keep you exactly where you want to be at all times.
  • A good shallow water anchor will be inexpensive, easy to install and absolutely no hassle to stow.
  • A good shallow water anchor for boats 24 feet and under is the Stayput Shallow Water Anchor. The Stayput Shallow Water Anchor was designed BY fisherman FOR fisherman, so you know it’s got to be good! The moral of this story is just stay put, and worry about wind shift and tide changes no more!

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