Secure with Stayput

It all started with the security of a warm blanket. Then came the security of a tight hug from a loving parent to provide comfort when knees were skinned or feelings were hurt. As time progressed, we began to appreciate the security of a stable job, reliable friends; and – at what I would like to think of as the height of our acquired wisdom – we can feel confident that we may rely upon the security of the Stayput Anchor.

Engineered by avid boaters and fishermen, the Stayput Anchor system was developed to keep your boat securely in place directly above your favorite fishing hole or anywhere else you have decided to drop anchor. So we understand the importance of a light, simple to maneuver, sleek anchor design. Stayput Anchors are easy to install, quiet to operate and convenient to stow. 

As a Stayput Anchor customer, you can also feel secure knowing that with Stayput you get a solidly built product at a reasonable price; and as a testament to that high quality, Stayput Anchor customers also receive a lifetime warranty.

That’s not to mention the security we gain from keeping our waters clean. The founders of Stayput have pledged their unwavering support of our waters to ensure the preservation and betterment of our magnificent aquatic surroundings, the aquatic creatures that dwell within and around it and, in many cases, our livelihoods which emerge from it.

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