No Drill Mounts: Stayput Anchor Motor Mounts

Your boat is a beauty…your pride and joy as well as your first go-to (without a second thought) for weekend fun. If you find it hard to place your boat second to your wife or husband when it comes to the things you love, you may want to consider a no-drill mounting option to lock the back of your boat in position. Thankfully, Stayput Shallow Water Anchors offers a motor mount for boat purists who would rather drill a hole in their head than their boat.

Stayput’s new motor mount option provides a universal bolt pattern and the ultimate in durability and affordability. This universal motor mount option will fit any motor up to 200 hp and the shaft fits any ¾ inch pole. It is available for a portside or starboard mount, rests nine inches away from the motor and is angled seven inches away from the boat. Plus, the new, black powder coated Stayput Anchor universal motor mount offers a sleek design crafted from marine-grade aluminum. 

Now, you may be asking yourself how this baby works. The answer is, “Lightning fast!” Simply remove the nuts from your existing motor bolts, slide the bracket in place and pop on the washers and nuts.

Don’t miss out! The wide array of Stayput Anchors and anchor accessories are mounting. Feel free to browse and do some shopping at or feel free to call our customer support team at 386-682-5558 or email us at

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