Learn Why Our Anchors Are Perfect for Shallow Water

The most savvy shallow water fishermen know that the more great fishing equipment you have, the more fish you will most likely catch…and an effective shallow water anchor – like a Stayput Shallow Water Anchor – is a very important part of enjoyable fishing excursions.

You can count on a Stayput Shallow Water Anchor to prevent your boat from drifting in the wind or with the current in all of your favorite shallow water fisheries, and a Stayput Shallow Water Anchor is so much more convenient than a traditional anchor. With a traditional, bulky anchor (which, by the way, can eat up tons of valuable storage space), you have to wrangle it up over the gunnel, lower it to the bottom and wait until it – hopefully – securely catches, also hoping it puts you in your intended position. When you want to move, you hoist it back into the boat, along with all the bottom grime it picked up along the way. Then you get to do it all over again!

Anchoring is so much more expedient and hassle-free with a Stayput Shallow Water Anchor. It will keep your boat in a locked position, meaning less trolling motor action and, ultimately, more hook biting action! The minimal movement provided by the Stayput Shallow Water Anchor is especially handy for catching bass unaware on their spawning beds. 

Stayput Shallow Water Anchors also provide a much higher level of control, helping you position your boat into tight spaces, like around docks. Also, with a Stayput Shallow Water Anchor, you can quietly and gingerly poise yourself strategically amongst vegetation, instead of damaging fish cover and disturbing your prey. Plus, Stayput Anchors are a fast and easy fix when you just need a break for rigging or lunch.

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