How Stayput Anchor’s Quiet and Convenient System Makes Catching that Next Fish Easier

Okay, get ready to head back to the good old days. Are there any Bugs Bunny fans out there? Remember when Elmer Fudd was vewy, vewy quiet when he was on the hunt for wabbits? Well, the Stayput Anchor system is sort of like an new and improved version of that – ergonomically designed for a quiet, stealth approach to fishing.

Add Mr. Fudd’s tenacity of the hunt to the super powers of just about any of those amazing Marvel heroes. I’m just going to go out on a limb here and let you decide which one. Yep, Stayput Anchors offer an installation process which can occur with otherworldly ease and at lightning speed. 

Plus, I’m thinking that the Stayput “Super” Handle may just possibly have been named for super heroes because it certainly acts like one as well, morphing into a boat hook (sans telephone booth for a bunch of reasons, including the fact that they don’t make telephone booths anymore, do they?) or a push pole for adjustments which can be made faster than a speeding bullet (not really, but pretty darn close) and even providing an easy way to tie off (sort of like that “in a single bound” thing). 

Then there is the convenience that the Stayput Anchor system provides. No super cartoon or comic reference here. Just good old fashioned lightweight, sleek engineering that makes the Stayput Anchor simple to stow.

If you want to bag your next fish easier, you’ll definitely want to get ahold of a Stayput Anchor…and maybe a Stayput Super Handle too! Feel free to call the super Stayput Service team at 386-682-5558 to place your order or to find out more.

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