Fishing with Kids

It’s great fun to fish with kids and, done right, it can bestow them with the gift of lifelong fun. Here are a few tips that may make fishing with kids a little easier and a lot more enjoyable.

First and foremost, keep things simple, so that everything is easy to understand and, of course, FUN!

Plan a short fishing excursion, since the attention span of most children is pretty darn short too!

The best advice is to be patient. As we all know, kids don’t always behave in the manner we expect and they certainly aren’t typically quiet; and both of those behaviors can tend to be problematic for fishing.

Here’s some more great advice. Pee before you leave and bring a bucket just in case. Sorry, but it begs mentioning!

No matter what age they are, you will want to show children the proper way to bait a hook and how to hold the fishing rod. However, you may want to save the drag setting, jigging and casting lessons for the older kids, since younger children tend to be less interested in the technical aspects and proper form for fishing.

Don’t forget a set of needle-nose pliers and gloves in sizes to fit both you and your children. That way, you can also teach your kids to safely remove the hook, if you feel he or she is mature enough for that task…and of course, if you are able to hook a fish. Just kidding! I’m sure you will!

Fishing with children teaches kids about wildlife and to respect the environment. It’s also a good opportunity to incorporate lessons about boat and/or water safety. Additionally, getting your kids involved in the licensing process before you set sail or cast your rods, is a great way to educate your children about obeying the law and following rules.

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