Don’t Steal My Spot! (Just One Person’s Opinion on the Fishing Spot Code of Ethics)

emember the secret word that granted you entrée into the cool kids’ clubhouse? How about the bro code? You can never, and I mean never, violate the bro code. Does that mean avoiding even the slightest inclination of dating your best bro’s ex? Maybe, but it most definitely means never crossing the secret fishing spot line.

Our most valuable possessions are often a well-guarded secret, and for good reason. Fishing ethics can get a bit sketchy, but one thing is for sure. Your favorite fishing hole falls into the secret/bro code category. Once you give up your favorite secret fishing hole spot, it’s gone forever. If your secret gets out, you can be sure the next time you pull up, it will be full of fishing opportunists of the worst kind and most probably devoid of fish. 

So when is it okay to give or take secret fishing hole information? Is it okay to go back to a fishing spot that a fishing guide has shown you? You paid for it, right? Wrong! He, like you, has worked very hard, spending hours of his time to uncover great fishing holes and his livelihood depends upon the fact that his fishing hole secret is well-kept. Heck, even if you decide (and you may never) to bring your best bud to your secret fishing spot, he better not ever show up there without you. That’s sacrilege in the fishing world!

Miss Manners says (not really, but she should) that you shouldn’t even ask where a fish was caught. Put in the work, do the time – not the crime and come up with your own coordinates for the money spot. It will be well worth the effort!

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