A Love Letter to My Stayput Anchor

Dear Stayput Anchor System,

Who wants hassles in a relationship? With a quick and convenient installation process and a quiet nature so as not to scare the fish, that’s just not what you’re about.

I love the way you are built – remarkably sleek, unlike the bulky build of traditional anchors which can take up too much space; and you’re so pretty, in a choice of black or white powder coating.

You’re not only easy on the eyes, you’re easy on the wallet. At only a fraction of what I would have to pay for an ordinary anchor, you’re definitely not a gold digger.

You also provide me with the utmost peace of mind, as there is no swinging around or straying with the tides with you. You’re totally committed, sticking for the long-haul.

You’re not like all the others, my Stayput Anchor, because you are innovatively designed and constructed from top-of-the-line materials such as marine grade aluminum.

Plus, you’re steadfast and durable. So, I know I can count on you when the tides turn and things start to get rough.

And you can fit in any situation, whether it be a bow, stern or motor mount.

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon. So, you might want to set a course for Stayput Anchors. Visit stayputanchor.com or call 386-682-5558 for a gift they will love!


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