Will They Take the Bait?

Spending the day out on the water having fun fishing sounds great, right? Ok, so you’ve got all your gear – including your Stayput Shallow Water Anchor (just sayin’). Now, do you know what kind of bait to bring? If you want to catch fish, it is important to learn the differences between live and artificial baits, what different types of fish like to eat, what foods are abundant to fish at different times of the year and in different places…and then choose your bait wisely.

First lesson: Think like a fish! If you are a fish, what would you prefer to eat? If we’re talking freshwater fish, worms, grasshoppers, crickets and minnows are all tasty treats. Saltwater fish can be more partial to shrimp, squid strips and shedder crabs.

Second lesson: Tease them with something good. You want to tempt the fish with what they crave, but, for instance, if they like shrimp and there are tons of shrimp running, you will be just one of many. You need to be that delicious morsel that stands out as the best among the rest. Also, whatever you bait with, it shouldn’t look weird or off to the fish. It should just look yummy (obviously on the yummy part).

Third lesson: Artificial baits can work just as well as live bait. Artificial baits are designed to look and move like fish prey, and they come in a wide array of styles and colors that are enticing to fish. There are flies that…well, look and move like flies on top of the water. The metallic flash of a silvery spoon may be reminiscent of a shiny, munchable minnow to a hungry fish. Additionally, there are artificial baits, like jigs and spinners that can draw fish in with their tantalizing movement. 

Fourth lesson: It’s not all about the bait. A good fisherman learns how to properly use each type of bait, set the drag, hook and reel in the fish. Once you have gotten those things down, you’re golden. That’s if you check the fishing regulations to be sure the bait you use is legal in the area you are fishing!

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