Why Choose Us over a Traditional Anchor

Put those traditional “anchors aweigh” because there’s an innovative anchor that’s here to stay! The Stayput Shallow Water Anchor System, unsurpassed for securing flats boats, bass boats, bay boats or jon boats up to 24 feet, was engineered by pioneers in anchoring and has secured its own spot for top-of-the-line efficiency and value time and time again since 2007. That’s right. This isn’t our first rodeo.

Ok, so let’s talk about what you think the perfect anchor should be…

First and foremost, whether you are fishing the shallow waters of the Intracoastal or your favorite fishing hole on the river or lake, you want your anchor to keep you securely positioned over fish…something formidable against the elements. A Stayput Anchor does that.

Second, you certainly don’t want to scare the fish once you’ve found them. Stayput Anchors are quiet, and they don’t need constant adjustment. As Elmer Fudd would say, “Shhh, just like huntin’ wabbits.”

And who wants hassles? You want an anchor that’s easy to stow – nothing cumbersome that will eat up valuable storage space on your boat. Speaking of convenience, you want an anchor that is quick and easy to install. That’s Stayput.

Now, let’s talk about your wallet. Stayout Anchors are cost-effective – only a fraction of what you would pay for an ordinary anchor, leaving you flush for all of the other fishing gear you want.

Why go weighty, bulky and costly, when you can have sleek, expedient and inexpensive? In this instance, change is definitely good.