Where Is the Safest Place to Anchor Your Boat?

Good anchoring requires several elements, including the right type of bottom, protection from the wind and currents, swinging room and making sure that you have the right anchor for your boat.

Always make sure that your anchor is adequate for the length and weight of your boat. For instance, a fast, effective and quiet anchor for boats up to 24 feet in shallow water is the Stayput Anchor.

Next, remember that the bottom can vary greatly – from sandy or muddy (which is great), to rough bottoms like oyster beds, which you want to steer clear of to keep your hull and prop safe. You also don’t want to get hung up on any bottom debris, such as fallen trees or old docks. It’s good to try to also keep clear of and give yourself enough space from thick vegetation. You don’t want to accidentally run up against tree limbs that could easily scratch your gelcoat.

In areas with significant currents or tides, you need a general idea of the real time current and tide situation to safely secure your vessel. Plus, stay away from boats on moorings, as they won’t swing as large a circle as you will.

Now then, if you have made sure to take care of all of the items above, the only things you should have to worry about are tight lines, cold beer and a fat sandwich. Anchors aweigh!