What Stayput Anchors Offers

What does Stayput Shallow Water Anchors Offer? Oh, you mean besides a day of pleasurable boating; hassle-free, effective anchoring in a variety of environments; an affordable option to traditional anchors which can be cumbersome; and convenient anchor storage provided by a sleek shallow water anchor design? 

Stayput Shallow Water Anchor pole spikes range from six to twelve feet and everything in between. Plus, Stayput Shallow Water Anchors offer pole extensions in various sizes, so no matter how your fishing environs change during the day, you are good to go! 

Stayput also provides your choice of black or white stern mounts, bow mounts and motor mounts and specialty items such as the Super Handle. A multifunctional tool, the Super Handle’s innovative design allows it to also serve as a boat hook; it’s “eye” expedites quick tie-offs; and its Y shape makes it easy to push off the bottom and make immediate, quiet adjustments. Of course, we also offer a standard rubber grip if all that innovation is too much to “handle”!

Stayput Shallow Water Anchors even offers ultra-cool (both kinds of cool, if you were wondering) performance fishing shirts. Our development team is also working on accessories that will be interchangeable with our removable Super Handle, such as gigs, gaffs and camera holders.

Feel free to peruse all your Stayput Shallow Water Anchor options on our website or simply call our customers service line at 386-682-5558 or email info@stayputanchor.com for more information.

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