We Know Anchors

Remember that famous line from that older than dirt radio/television show, “Only the Shadow Knows”? Well, my friend, that is a big, fat fib because if you’re talking anchors, the engineers behind Stayput Anchors know…and they know best! The inventors of the lightweight, easy to install and stow Stayput Anchor are avid fishermen and boaters, and our steadfast anchors were born out of necessity. 

It’s nice when you are fishing with a breeze. It keeps the bugs and the sweat off, but when that breeze keeps spinning your boat around or pushing you off fish, that’s just – flat out – no fun! We are out there on the water as much or maybe even more than you, so we have plenty of crappy anchor stories. We’ve been there, done that. We don’t intend to do it again, and neither should you!

The Stayput Shallow Water Anchor System, unsurpassed for securing flats boats, bass boats, bay boats or jon boats up to 24 feet, was engineered by pioneers in anchoring and has secured its own spot for top-of-the-line efficiency and value time and time again since 2007. It is a formidable force against the elements to keep you exactly where you intend to be at all times. Stayput Anchors are quiet, convenient, expedient and cost-effective. In fact, they cost only a fraction of what you would pay for an ordinary anchor!

If you find yourself anchored to traditional, bulky anchors that cost a mint and take up valuable storage space on your boat, break free! Give us a call at Stayput Anchors today, and we will hook you right up!