Stayput Anchors – Captains for Clean Water

The importance of clean water is paramount, especially in a state like Florida, which is so heavily impacted in so many ways by its surrounding waters and interior waterways… 

In these precarious times, the livelihood of so many is at stake – from watermen, to restaurateurs and their employees, to seafood salesmen, packaging plants and more; as are the lives of our treasured manatees and our diverse ecosystem of fish and other aquatic life…as well as the animals that depend on them for their own survival. 

The conservation of Florida’s waters will also protect our food supply, keep us healthier by keeping toxins at bay and help to reduce our carbon footprint – something this day and age certainly demands.  Even our way of life, which includes the enjoyment that fishing, boating and simply spending time with our friends and family in and around Florida’s ocean, rivers, bays, lakes and Intracoastal Waterway provide, is threatened without the protection of our precious waters.

All those things and more are why we stand beside forward thinking organizations like Captains for Clean Water, who make it their primary goal to combat ecological devastation. They help fight “Big Sugar” and all of the big, toxic problems that come with it; and they raise awareness about other questionable and dangerous practices involving our waters. 

Through education, advocacy and engaging policy makers and business owners, the inspiring members of Captains for Clean Water are the quintessential advocates of one of our most valuable resources – Florida’s waters…because protecting our waters today will result in healthier waters for tomorrow.


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