Stayput Anchor: The Affordable Solution for Shallow Water Anchoring

The pandemic hit us hard – eliminating certain jobs for a while, disrupting our supply chain and raising gas and grocery prices as well as interest rates and causing our stocks and other investments to take horrible a tumble; and, in all actuality, it could be a long time before we recoup all of our losses and level off to a place of normalcy when it comes to prices.

So, let’s get to the important (and much better) part…Do you own a bay boat, a flats boat, a bass boat or a jon boat up to 24 feet? If so, the Stayput Anchor is an affordable solution for your shallow water fishing needs!

Stayput Anchoring systems are available starting under $200, whereas you could pay upwards of $1,600 for other systems like the Power Pole; and when you choose to use a Stayput Anchor system, you get a whole boatload for your money. Stayput Anchor systems, constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum and engineered BY fisherman FOR fisherman, can keep you where you want to be without the noise, wasted storage space and cumbersome nature of traditional anchors.

Plus, when it comes to pesky disruptions in the supply chain, there are NONE. All orders for Stayput Anchor products are now shipping in one to three business days. Just call 386-682-5558 or go to to place yours!