Protecting Our Waters for Today and the Generations of Tomorrow

Florida is home to one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world and preserving that valuable resource has always been a priority for Stayput Anchors. We stand beside forward thinking organizations like Captains for Clean Water in their mission to combat ecological devastation through education and advocacy; engage policy makers to make and keep our waters a priority; make certain that our water management adjusts with our population growth; and work with businesses to ensure a win-win for the health of our waters as well as our economy.

Most recently, we have joined close to 40,000 clean water advocates in their fight against SB2508 – a manipulative bill which is a major threat to clean water gains and progress, and is being fast-tracked through the system. This bill basically helps “Big Sugar” (There are 1.5 million tons of sugar refined a year, which is seriously big business.) neutralize resistance to its questionable clean water practices.

There is more bad news…SB2508 reduces the budget, which politicians love. We need to stand tall against SB2508 and keep our voices heard, because the good news is that politicians hate negative press.

The vote on February 17th was in favor of SB2508, so how can we help? At this point, the House would have to refuse to include it in the formal budget report for the governor. To stand tall against the language within SB2508 that will be so detrimental to our waters, go to to sign an online petition that will help kill this bill.

What we do today will make all the difference in the waters of tomorrow.

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