Pole Spikes

Each pole is a 3/4″ thick, solid, resin injected fiberglass.
The “TIP”: The fiberglass is tapered to a point.
Stainless steel tips are not recommended. After years of use, the sand and mud on the bottom keeps the pole from “fraying”. Still safe to use on oyster beds, we tried it. After 10 years, we have seen our customers (that keep good care of their pole) still have an amazing tip.

  • 6′ Poles= (1) 6′ Solid Piece (kayaks, and skiffs)
  • 8′ Poles (most common)= (1) 8′ Solid Piece (boats up to 24′)
  • 10′ Poles = (1) 8′ Pole + (1) 2′ Extension Pole (boats up to 21′)
  • 12′ Poles= (1) 8′ Pole + (1) 4′ Extension Pole (boats up to 21′)
    Poles above 8′ are connected with a stainless steel threaded coupling (acts just like a pool cue).

Two Handle Options:

Rubber Grip: Standard (plenty of grip) been using it for years with no “grip” problems.

Super Handle: The super multi functional tool that will simplify your life!

Click here to learn more about the super handle.

  • Handles

    Super Handle

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  • Pole Spikes

    6′ Stayput Anchor Pole

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