Stayput Anchor Installation Instructions

It is very easy to install our anchor mounts. The most important tip is to think ahead. When trying to pick a good spot, use a broom stick or something that will represent a pole. You are mainly using it so that it clears any obstructions that would be in the way. Once you have found a good spot. Start the installation instructions below.

Estimated Install Time
10-20 Minutes

Tools You Will Need

  • Drill
  • Drill Bit (5/32)
  • Screw Driver
  • Wrench (for through bolts)
  • Level
  • UV Resistant Silicone Sealant 5200 (recommended)


Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1 12%

1. Level Boat

Preferable out of the water, try and level the boat the best you can.
Step 2 23%

2. Level Mount

Place mount best where you see fit. Hold the mount up so you can use it as a template. Make sure the shaft of the mount is in a vertical position by using a level. Mark your holes with a pencil or marker.

Step 3 36%

3. Drill Holes

With a 5/32 sized drill bit. Drill holes 1 ¼ inch deep. Clean the holes free of dust.

If through bolting, then drill all the way through. Be sure you can see the back side of the transom or deck so you avoid hitting any wires or batteries.

Step 4 48%

4. Seal Holes

With your silicone sealant (not provided) put a little bit in each hole and a bead around the back of the mount plate to strengthen and seal the holes.

Step 5 60%

5. Mount the Mount

Lag Screw Set Up: (Lag screws are provided for stern mounts, we provide these because most transoms you can not get to the back side of the wall).

Screw in the four big screws provided in your packaging. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN!! It is recommended to use a drill to screw your screws in but do not use a powerful drill such as an impact driver.

Through Bolt Set Up: (included in bow/deck mount pack)

If you can get your hand and wrench to the back side of the transom or deck , place your bolts through and hand tighten. A second person is always helpful when through bolting.

Step 6 72%

6. Let Sealant Dry

Whatever sealant you choose make sure you give it time to cure per the manufacturers specifications.

Step 7 84%

7. Pole Clips

Screw in pole clips with smaller screws (included) wherever you see fit.

Step 8 100%

8. GO FISH!!!

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