A Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

If you could find it in your heart to forgive a few of my recent transgressions, could you please consider adding some Stayput Shallow Water Anchor items to your list for me this Christmas?

I heard that Stayput Anchors were designed for boaters and fishermen by boaters and fisherman, so they are the real deal, and their sleek design provides a convenient alternative to cumbersome anchors. Stayput Anchors are easy to maneuver and install and simple to store – taking up very little valuable storage space onboard; but don’t let that lightweight design fool you. Stayput Anchors are designed so that you stay put.

Stayput also has motor mounts that lock the back of the boat in place and don’t require drilling into the boat; bow mounts crafted from powder coated marine grade aluminum; and stern mounts, which are perfect for boaters with a poling platform or stuff like trim tabs in the way. Please mark me down to a white bow mount. (They come in black too.).

I am also very excited about the Stayput Super Handle if you would be so kind. It’s got a rubber grip; its “Y” shape is great for quick adjustments; there’s an eye for tying off; and you can even use it for a boat hook. I know, right?

Hey, maybe I earned a few points in the nice column because I’m sure there are plenty of people on your “way” who would enjoy some Stayput swag! Just sayin’.

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